Fresh Express Leafy Greens Waterfall
Fresh Express Leafy Greens Waterfall
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Fresh Express Unveils Video Series Offering Inside Look at Food Safety Practices

The video series covers supply chain-wide critical controls and procedures from field to table for the bagged salad manufacturer.

ORLANDO, Fla — Fresh Express has unveiled an insider’s look at advancements in its all-inclusive food safety and quality program in a video series that covers supply chain-wide critical controls and procedures from field to table.        

According to President John P. Olivo, the video series is designed to show the real-world intricacies behind written descriptions of the Fresh Express comprehensive food safety and quality program. “We wanted to bring to life the challenges we face and surmount each and every day to achieve our demanding food safety and quality goals,” he said. “From the dedication of diverse AgOps teams and boots on the ground safety surveillance efforts to progressive technologies, comprehensive manufacturing developments and highly trained food safety and quality professionals in each of our regional facilities, we are excited to show audiences the whys and hows of our leading food safety and quality initiatives.”

Chocked full of details about how Fresh Express sets and implements safety standards, the video series reveals specifics that up until now were only available through select pre-arranged tours, frequently limited by location, time of year and key staff availability.  

Now, both the fresh produce industry and the general public can view firsthand the processes and measures followed by Fresh Express growers, harvesters and employees throughout the company’s network as leafy greens make their journey to become Fresh Express salads.   

Spearheaded by Olivo and Vice President of Food Safety and Quality John Gurrisi, the video series features steps to ensure product safety and integrity at field and facility levels throughout the supply chain. Videos also highlight the company’s latest advancements in product R&D including the debut of its new Fresh Express Product Innovation and Culinary Center.

These videos shot onsite at growers, harvesters and Fresh Express facilities, also feature in-studio interviews with Fresh Express key executives.  

Executives featured in the video series include:  

Olivo — who discusses how food safety works across the entire Fresh Express network and why a strong food safety culture is essential to successful end results
Gurrisi — who details specific food safety and quality operations and discusses safeguards to achieve regulatory compliance and more 
German Rios, Corporate Director of Raw Product Food Safety and Quality — who outlines where stringent growing and harvest requirements make essential food safety differences and explains the value of customized in-field inspections and more 

Fabian Pereira, Vice President, Marketing, Innovation and International — who explains sustainability advancements and introduces the new Fresh Express Product Innovation Center and research capabilities

Check the video series out here.