Food Tech Studio Bites
Food Tech Studio Bites
Food Tech Studio Bites

Food Tech Studio Bites! Unveils 85 Startups

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Kaga City, Kobe City and Niigata City join the program as new strategic partners to create a new community focused on solving the challenges plaguing the world's food supply.

February 5, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO — Scrum Ventures this week announced the list of startups chosen to participate in its Food Tech Studio - Bites!, a global program aimed to solve the key challenges plaguing the food supply chain today, including (but not limited to) safety, waste reduction and health. The studio program has selected 85 startups from 18 countries around the globe. In addition, it announced that Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Kaga City, Kobe City and Niigata City have joined the program as program partners.
Launched in September 2020, Scrum Ventures created the studio program to build a stage-agnostic, global community of best-in-class startups with a common vision of bringing better and more efficient processes within the food development ecosystem.
The studio program received applications from 218 companies from 30 countries around the world. 85 companies from 18 countries around the world were chosen. These startups will participate in business development programs with partner companies from January 2021.
Select startups include:
  • Finless Foods (USA) 
    An early-stage biotechnology company that is making fish meat out of stem cells.
  • TurtleTree Labs (Singapore) 
    A startup addressing the value gap created by an insufficient and unsustainable animal-based dairy industry.
  • IXON (Hong Kong) 
    The creator of advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging that allows protein to remain stable at room temperature for up to two years.
  • MeliBio (USA) 
    A producer of bio-fermented honey in a lab without using bees.
  • Drop Kitchen (USA) 
    A smart kitchen platform specializing in recipe and kitchen appliance technology to connect the whole cooking journey.
  • Ukko (USA) 
    Uses immunology, machine learning and protein engineering to make safer proteins for people with food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Fybraworks (USA) 
    A producer of substitute meat, using fermentation and protein ingredients to replicate the taste.
  • Kiwibot (USA) 
    Manufacturer of rover robots to provide affordable and technological delivery service for local commerce around the world.