Wednesday, September 03, 2014

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Lopez Named President of AIBI Certification Services

Stephanie Lopez has been named president of AIBI Certification Services. She replaces Gary Skrdlant, who retired Aug. 20. More

Insects Limited Offers New Multi-Species Lure

The Multi-Species Bullet Lure is the newest addition of stored product monitoring tools offered from Insects Limited. More

Peanuts Shipped With False Safety Documents

The former manager of a Georgia peanut plant knowingly shipped out peanuts with false safety documents, causing nine deaths and making over 700 more sick, reports. More

Meat Allergies Caused by Ticks Spreading in the U.S.

A tick could cause sudden meat allergies, according to researchers. More

USDA Strengthens Procedures for Detecting and Removing Unsafe Ground Beef

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced new procedures that will allow the agency to trace contaminated ground beef back to its source more quickly, remove it from commerce, and find the root cause of the incident to prevent it from recurring. More


New Colors for Detectapro Pen Line

Detectapro announces five new body colors to its Metal and XRay Detectable Retractable Pen Line. More

TechHelp Announces 'Introduction to Food Safety & HACCP Workshop'

Scheduled for Oct. 2, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, this is a one-day overview course especially designed for line workers, QC personnel, sanitors, supervisors, and other employees of food processing operations. More

3M Celebrates Three Decades of Petrifilm Plates Innovations

Petrifilm Plates Innovations are a fast, simple, easy-to-interpret indicator testing. More

IFS Logistics Achieves GFSI Benchmark

The IFS Logistics standard was the first global scheme to be submitted for benchmarking against the new GFSI requirements, and the first global scheme to earn the benchmark – a set of challenging requirements developed by a group of global stakeholders with interest in storage and distribution activities. More

Food Laboratory Alliance Marks First Anniversary

Through its coalition of organizations, the Alliance represents hundreds of food laboratories, hundreds of thousands of food laboratory products and services, and millions of consumers. More

More Than 100 Attend Annual IPM Seminar

The annual Integrated Pest Management for Food Plants seminar was held in Hershey, Pa., in June. More

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