AIB International — Booth #115

AIB International — Booth #115

April 3, 2014

AIB International, Inc.

AIB International (Booth #115) has been supporting the global food and beverage industry since 1919

AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities by developing and delivering application-oriented learning, consulting, and value-added services. AIB's food safety support is focused on food and beverage manufacturing, distributing, and packaging. AIB's production process efforts are focused on grain-based foods. From its official beginning in 1919, AIB has evolved from a US-focused research and technology center to become a globally-recognized provider of baking and food safety services.

AIB International offers inspections, auditing, and learning opportunties. Build a foundation of baking technology and food safety knowledge and remain current on the latest industry news and developments.