Stuffed Puffs to Build New Manufacturing Facility in Pennsylvania

The 150,000-square-foot plant in Bethlehem, Pa. to be home to chocolate-filled marshmallow producer.

At a formal ceremony in November, Stuffed Puffs, the chocolate-filled marshmallow, cut the ribbon on a new 150,000-square-foot plant in Bethlehem, Pa. At the ceremony in Lehigh Valley, Stuffed Puffs Founder and CEO Mike Tierney, Managing Partner of Factory LLC Richard Thompson, DJ Marshmello, and his manager Moe Shalizi were joined by J.G Petrucci Founder and President Jim Petrucci, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp CEO Don Cunningham, and Pennsylvania Secretary of Community and Economic Development Dennis Davin.

The Stuffed Puffs brand is part of Factory LLC in Bethlehem, “At Factory LLC we seek innovation and we know Stuffed Puffs is a big winner and the new plant will support our continued growth, because we can’t make it fast enough,” Thompson said. “We are looking for the top 100 employees to join our Stuffed Puffs team.”

 “Stuffed Puffs will be available at retailers across the U.S. in the next year,” Tierney said. “The Lehigh Valley offers great incentives for companies to build here. With my partners, Richard Thompson and Marshmello, our plan is to have this new plant up and running quickly to meet demand. Meanwhile, Stuffed Puffs’ existing plant in Wisconsin is running 24/7 to satisfy America’s new-found craving for ‘S’mores Indoors.’”

Stuffed Puffs received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, a group of economic development professionals who work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania. “Food processing is one of Pennsylvania’s most robust and vibrant industries, supporting thousands of jobs and generating more than $5 billion in sales annually,” Davin said. “It is only fitting that Stuffed Puffs, a new, innovative food company, would make the Lehigh Valley in our commonwealth its new home, and we are proud to have helped.”

The building, at 3900 Burgess Place in Hanover Township, was formerly home to Guardian Life Insurance. J.G. Petrucci began demolition and construction at the site in Q1 2019. 

Stuffed Puffs is a confectionery manufacturer that uses a custom designed and highly secretive manufacturing process to make a chocolate-filled marshmallow. The company also has the ability to make multiple shapes and flavors of marshmallows with various fillings. Stuffed Puffs initially launched its product exclusively at Walmart stores and will be expanding to other retailers in 2020. For more information or employment opportunities, visit

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