What Inspires Darin Detwiler?

The QA advisory board member delivers a must-watch TEDx Talk on the heroic side of food safety.

Darin Detwiler speaks at TEDxNortheasternU

File this one under “Not All Heroes Wear Capes,” but Darin Detwiler’s stirring TEDxNortheasternU talk, "Inspiring Change: Harnessing the Inner Hercules," gave us a taste of what inspires the assistant dean and associate teaching professor of food policy at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

In his talk, originally recorded in October and released last week, Detwiler, who serves on QA’s advisory board and is an occasional columnist for the magazine, talks about the conversations he has with the parents of children who are ill or have died due to foodborne illnesses. 
“My goal is to listen and to offer my insight, and my experience,” he said in the video, before recounting the heartbreaking story of his 16-month-old son Riley’s death, the result of an E. coli infection in 1993. 
Detwiler’s talk shows us how a moment can shape our future and explains how food safety culture has grown over the decades. He also shows viewers the human side of food safety.
Finally, he puts out a call for food safety heroes to take their places alongside the Marvel and DC crusaders who dominate movie and TV screens. 
“It’s one thing to make our food supply system as safe as can be,” he said. “It’s another to inspire others to do the same."
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