Bubble Tea Supplier Chen En Foods Starts Onboarding Business Partners in the U.S.

The company is in search of new business partners, such as wholesalers, importers and distributors in the U.S.

Bubble tea
Bubble tea
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NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan — Chen En Foods, a bubble tea ingredients supplier, established for over three decades in Taiwan, is in search of new business partners, such as wholesalers, importers and distributors in the U.S.

One-stop service for bubble tea business partners

With more and more entrepreneurs getting into the business of hand-shaken beverages, the popularity of bubble tea has never been higher, not just in Asia, but also all around the world. Chen En Foods supplies high-quality and diversified beverage raw materials to satisfy the varied and innovative global market, shipping to 60 countries, including Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

Chen En Foods provides comprehensive total solutions as a one-stop service that comprises diversified products, marketing know-how, a strong distribution network, education and consultancy of operating hand-shaken beverages shops, and vital knowledge about consumer behavior and buying habits.

"As leaders of the bubble tea industry, the onus is on us to help our industry and businesses reach greater heights while maintaining our values. Chen En Foods keeps providing a safe, stable, innovative and value-for-money product portfolio, enhancing bubble tea shine globally, and being a trusted professional partner of catering brands," shared Vincent Liu, General Manager of Chen En Foods.

The aroma and taste of Hojicha series won peoples' hearts

Tachungho Hojicha Series: Hojicha Drink Powder, Hojicha Latta Drink Powder, Golden Hojicha offer beverages that stay with you, long after the last sip. This authentic grain roasting aroma with notes of natural honey will gently caress your nostrils. Hojicha blended drinks embody an understated luxury of premium ingredients, sophisticated recipe and a stylish design. This affordable yet luxury tea beverage opens up a new chapter in on-the-go tea drinking culture.

Additionally, Chen En Foods received the 2022 Superior Taste (ITQI) Award from Brussels, Belgium for its Osmanthus Orchid Flavor Pouchong Tea, this award was selected by experts and it achieved 3-star ratings which is the highest star rating. From 2,350 other products awarded in 2022, it belongs to the top 20%. This award authenticates the positions, capability, and quality of Chen En Foods and it hopes to utilize its strong positions as a market leader to guide the industry towards the common goal of success, playing the roles of the franchiser, mentor, or partner with global success in mind.

Outside of the business realm, Chen En Foods is active in promoting social causes and contributing to help bring in the next generation of leader in the industry including visits to the National Taipei University of Commerce, and become the driving force behind industry-university cooperation and digital entrepreneurship.

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