Three Zoecon Label Training Modules Added to PCT's DLC

Three Zoecon Label Training Modules Added to PCT's DLC

Gentrol Complete Aerosol, Lava-Lor Granular Bait, and Musca-Cide Fly Bait Spray are the latest label training modules added to PCT's Distance Learning Center.

April 12, 2019

CLEVELAND, Ohio — PCT’s Distance Learning Center continues to expand with the addition of the following label training modules from Zoecon.

  • Gentrol Complete Aerosol
  • Lava-Lor Granular Bait
  • Musca-Cide Fly Bait Spray

Visit or PestWeb's ProTraining website and get started on these module.The  label training modules are the centerpiece of PCT’s Distance Learning Center — a FREE service for the professional pest control market provided by PCT.

How it works?
Created by Board Certified Entomologist and consultant Stoy Hedges, the courses use photographs, video clips and reference materials to challenge users’ knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills for a wide range of products and pest problems.

Accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone, Distance Learning Center training is presented in modules designed to take a half-hour to an hour to complete. Their brevity gives individuals the opportunity to fit this education in whenever their schedules allow — even during breaks or lunchtime. And if a user needs to stop while taking a course, no problem: He or she can close the program and pick up at the point left off later.




Each label course is designed around reading and interpreting a specific pesticide product label, covering all aspects of the label — from trade name, target pests, hazards and first aid to areas for treatment and directions for use. As the user takes the course, he or she will be required to identify pests or treatment sites by photograph and determine whether such pests or sites are included on the label and/or interpret how that product may be used to treat the pest according to label directions.

Training is divided into sections with three to seven related questions, and upon selecting the correct answer(s), an explanation of the correct answer is provided, sometimes with a tip on where the pest professional can find the answer in the reference materials. These explanations help to improve the user’s understanding of the topic materials.

Visit to get started, and return frequently as new label training modules are being added monthly.