The Firsts of 2018

Departments - Viewpoint

February 5, 2018

Lisa Lupo

Though we’ve just entered a new year, 2018 does not appear to be holding much in the way of groundbreaking firsts: Some FSMA compliance dates will be landing and FDA will likely issue new guidance, but those have been regular occurrences for a few years now; Congress and the Trump Administration are in their second year with more of the same projected; and we’re not entering a new millennium, century, or decade.

But there’s always something fresh and new in the world, even if it’s not a first (or food related): We have the XXIII  Olympic Winter  Games in February; if royal weddings are more your cup of tea, you can look forward to the May nuptials of England’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; even November’s midterm elections are expected to attract more than the usual attention. And, should it come to fruition, there will be at least one first as Moon Express’ maiden mission that is “definitely” set for 2018 will move us out of this world, launching a new era in private company moon mining and, eventually, so they say, human colonies.

Regardless of the number of firsts these events do or don’t bring, all will certainly generate more worldwide attention than generally would any food safety magazine. But in understanding the quiet but powerful impact that QA can have on the processes and practices of food facilities, and thereby on all consumers (be they royals or commoners, Olympians or astronauts), we seek to continuously improve the information and expertise in food safety, quality, and defense that we bring to our readers.

As such, in this first issue of 2018, QA is bringing to its readers a number of firsts:

  • The first article in our 2018 Global Food Report: an eyewitness view of Dubai and the impact of its ancient values and modern solutions on the food industry.
  • Insights from our newest Advisory Board member ... our first from a premium global chocolate manufacturer.
  • A “first look” at the behind-the-package operations of a small Ohio-family, potato-chip manufacturer that has bested the best in national awards competitions.
  • A first look at IoT and how it relates to your customers’ tongues.
  • New columns from industry experts and trendsetters to bring you even more practical solutions and applicable advice.
  • And an enhanced design to continuously improve your reading experience and keep QA as your first choice of industry publications.
  • Our firsts will not end with this first issue. Past issues of QA have taken our readers north to Alaska; across the pond to Europe; and out of this world to the space station. We have featured sports stars, TV chefs, and government scientists. This year, we will take you into the new world of IoT, around the other side of the globe to China, and into facilities and worlds yet to be discovered.

    We look forward to continuing this journey with you ... and if you are reading this in a pass-along issue or found our digital version through a web search, we’d love for you to join our family of regular readers here.

    The author is Editor of QA magazine. She can be reached at