TAG Asks: Is Your Food Business Prepared for COVID-19?

TAG Asks: Is Your Food Business Prepared for COVID-19?

The Acheson Group is providing regular food-business-related email and web updates on COVID-19.

March 4, 2020

The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to expand and evolve – with confirmed cases increasing at significant rates in a number of countries – including the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Though the scientific understanding is also evolving on a daily basis, the food industry faces numerous questions – within their plants and up and down the supply chain on what the risks are, and how to respond and manage those risks – but it is finding few answers to those questions.

Recognizing this, The Acheson Group (TAG) is tracking the outbreak, domestic and global health publications, and scientific developments, and providing regular email and web updates with guidance and recommendations for food companies. What are the current, and expected, impacts on the supply chain, and how can you mitigate them? Should your employees wear masks? Does COVID-19 pose a food safety issue? How can you be prepared as the crisis worsens?

The TAG team has in-depth experience in crisis management and communication that is just as applicable to a respiratory-illness outbreak as it is to a foodborne-illness outbreak. In either case, preparation and rapid response are critical and dependent on having a plan in place. A good plan has a written strategy and initiation procedures, well-trained personnel, cohesive communication – and a well-developed, quick-response crisis management plan.

TAG’s COVID-19 Resources email and webpages focus on brief updates on the status and what has changed, summaries of the latest science, and suggestions on how to manage the risk with your team members, supply chain, or the products you are handling. Subscribe today at TAG COVID-19 Resources & Updates.

TAG is also offering a limited number of COVID-19 Support Plans to businesses concerned with the impact of this outbreak. For more information on this, contact TAG at www.achesongroup.com/contact.