STOP Foodborne Illness
STOP Foodborne Illness
STOP Foodborne Illness

STOP Foodborne Illness Launches STOP3000 to Raise Awareness of Foodborne Illness

September campaign coordinates with annual National Food Safety Education Month.

August 25, 2021

CHICAGO — STOP Foodborne Illness, the national nonprofit public health organization dedicated to the prevention of illness and death from foodborne pathogens, announced the launch of STOP3000, a new fundraising, education and awareness campaign. The campaign encourages participants to take 3,000 steps per day (approximately 1.3 miles) and have sponsors pledge donations as participants reach their step goals. 

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year in the United States, more than 3,000 people die as a result of illness from foodborne pathogens,” said Mitzi Baum, CEO of STOP. “Everyone eats, so everyone is at risk. We believe that STOP3000 is a great way to engage our supporters, create a healthy habit and raise the funds we critically need to advance our food safety priorities with regulatory agencies and with key industry participants, including food manufacturers, retailers and those in food service.”

The STOP3000 campaign starts on Sept. 1 and runs throughout the month, in conjunction with the CDC’s National Food Safety Education Month. According to the CDC, 48 million Americans are sickened annually from eating contaminated food. 

“I know from personal experience how scary a foodborne illness can be," said STOP constituent Taylor Sanders, who has signed up and pledged to walk 3,000 steps each day. "STOP helped me know I wasn’t alone.”

To be a part of the STOP3000 campaign and start a donations page, go to and sign up to open your fundraising account. Complete your profile to start fundraising. To donate to an existing participant’s page, just type “STOP3000” into the search box and select the person you’d like to support.