Seafood Analytics’ CQR Touted as Industry Game Changer

Seafood Analytics’ CQR Touted as Industry Game Changer

The age-old question, “How fresh is this seafood?” can now be answered objectively and with certainty thanks to the Certified Quality Reader (CQR) from Seafood Analytics

March 7, 2016

Whether you are a fisherman, processor, distributor, buyer, retailer, restaurateur or consumer, the age-old question, “How fresh is this seafood?” can now be answered objectively and with certainty thanks to the Certified Quality Reader (CQR) from Seafood Analytics, the company said. In the past, seafood industry workers and consumers alike had to rely on their nose, gut, or what they were told to assess the freshness of seafood. With the advent of Seafood Analytics’ CQR there is a validated scientific approach to objectively measuring seafood quality.

The CQR was originally introduced at the 2015 Seafood Expo in Boston and was later validated by Oregon State University to be a reliable method to measure seafood quality. The CQR has grown in popularity and use within the industry since its market introduction last year, and is now being sold on multiple continents. The company is also currently in talks with major grocery chains throughout the country. These retailers are utilizing the CQR to analyze their seafood product to increase quality (i.e., freshness) and reduce shrink loss.

Following its debut last March, the device has received significant enhancements, including displaying:

·       FDA - FDA & Torry-correlated sensory scores

·       DsH - Days since harvest

·       SLR - Shelf life remaining

·       CQ - Certified quality number

·       FoPF - Whether seafood is fresh or previously frozen


The CQR is a handheld, non-invasive instantaneous screening and data-collection device developed from more than 35 plus years of proven science and research. The device uses electrical currents to provide objective cellular quality data for fish species and other seafood. This coupled with the Certified Quality Cloud Platform allows customers to collect and analyze quality data.

“We’ve experienced exponential growth since our initial launch at the 2015 Seafood Expo,” said Michael Liedtke, co-founder of Seafood Analytics. “Our CQR has proven to be a game changer for the seafood industry.

“We appreciate the early relationships we have built with companies like Taku River Reds, Sitka Salmon Shares and Paster Training,” he added. “Their feedback has helped us further develop the technology to make it a useful tool across the industry, in just one year.”

Oregon State University’s March 2015validation study of Seafood Analytics technology, science, and product to measure seafood quality concluded the CQ number strongly correlates with FDA & Torry sensory decomposition scores, and that CQ numbers may be used as an effective quality control tool by seafood processors, buyers and sellers.

Seafood Analytics CQR provides an objective quality measurement on the cellular level that can be taken anywhere from catch to freezing, or catch to consumption, the company said. The device works by measuring how much the cells inside the fish species change over time depending on conditions.

Seafood Analytics is in the process of developing a Certified Quality Seafood Certification (CQSC), through which seafood sellers can certify their products and buyers can locate suppliers who sell seafood that has been objectively measured by the CQRLearn more about the certification program at

Seafood Analytics, along with its CQR, is returning to the Seafood Expo North America Seafood Expo & Seafood Processing North America Show in Boston, March 6-8, 2016, and will be located in booth No. 2173.