Romer Labs Debuts Surface Sponge-Stick
Surface Sponge-Stick
Romer Labs

Romer Labs Debuts Surface Sponge-Stick

The new environmental monitoring tool can improve testing time and is recyclable, said Romer.

April 20, 2021

NEWARK, Del. — Romer Labs, a food-safety diagnostic company, introduced its new Surface Sponge-Stick designed for environmental monitoring.
Romer said the new tool is an easy to use, sterile sampling device for hygiene verification and environmental monitoring in food production facilities. 
Romer highlighted some features of the Surface Sponge-Stick:
  • Fast patent-pending sponge release, which should help take more samples in less time
  • Longest handle on the market to help sample hard to reach areas
  • The stick is recyclable after use, making it environmentally friendly 
  • No hard plastic left inside sponge, which prevents the bag from tearing during transport
  • 12 months shelf life at room temperature
Romer is offering a coupon codegood for one free box is you buy three.