Resources Available for Food Safety Education Month

Resources Available for Food Safety Education Month

Keeping your customers in the know – and countering the viral misinformation.

September 1, 2018
— Lisa Lupo

It's National Food Safety Education Month ... do your customers know how to keep your products safe?

As we stated in a previous QA article: Social media has changed the landscape of communication. Bloggers, Tweeters, and YouTubers post about food, where it comes from, how it is produced, what is safe and unsafe, what should and should not be eaten. These posts may be fact or fiction, truth or opinion, but they are being voraciously consumed by the public because there is a hunger for this knowledge.

To help the food industry counter some of the misinformation and education their customers with food safety facts, QA has compiled a number of resources:

From QA Archives


From Government and Groups