Rentokil Steritech Introduces Lumnia Range of Insect Light Trap

Rentokil Steritech Introduces Lumnia Range of Insect Light Trap

LED-powered insect light traps said to consume a fraction of the power of standard traps.

January 23, 2019
QA Staff Edited

Rentokil Steritech, the North American arm of Rentokil Initial, a provider of commercial pest control, has launched Lumnia, a new environmentally friendly fly control solution for businesses. Lumnia uses LED lighting to reduce energy consumption by up to 61 percent compared to traps using traditional fluorescent tubes, the company said.

Lumnia’s high-output LED lamps are optimized to attract and catch more flies while reducing energy costs. Rentokil Steritech’s proprietary insect light traps reduce the risk of contamination from flying insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead pests, eliminating flies without the need for a catch tray while also reducing unpleasant clean-up efforts needed.

The product range provides aesthetic flexibility for business needs in both public-facing areas, such as lobbies, and high-risk areas found in food manufacturing facilities and retailers.

The Lumnia line consists of three models, which offer versatility for both front and back of house applications, the company said, explaining:

  • Lumnia Compact utilizes one LED bulb and is ideal for front of house applications.
  • Lumnia Standard features two LED bulbs and integrates easily into businesses of all sizes.
  • Lumnia Ultimate is designed with three LED bulbs for high-dependency businesses and facilities that must meet strict food safety, regulatory compliance, and third-party audit standards.

 “Fly infestations can be incredibly expensive for any business. The Lumnia line is an innovative way for companies to both save money and deliver effective protection against flying pests,” said Rentokil Steritech CEO John Myers. "Developed by entomologists and scientists who study fly behaviors at Rentokil's Power Centre, Lumnia represents a major step forward in reliable, energy-efficient fly control."

Additional Lumnia features allow for further customization to suit the unique needs of any business, including adjustable light settings; active lighting mode that adapts output based on ambient light, further reducing energy consumption; modular design for glueboard or encapsulation; control or monitoring mode selection, based on flying insect activity level, using less energy in monitoring mode.

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