Departments - Products & Equipment

April 9, 2013

AIB International
AIB International provides food safety audits and education services worldwide to broad segments of the food manufacturing industry including food, ingredients, fresh produce, beverage manufacturing, packaging production, and distribution facilities. Food safety audit services include AIB’s GMP inspection, HACCP, OSHA, AIB Gold Standard, customer audits, and quality system audits. AIB International’s certification body conducts audits for GFSI (BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000). Food safety education is provided through public seminars, consulting, training audits, and distance learning. Additional related safety services include the Food Defense Resource Center. AIB’s School of Baking offers an array of education products in baking science and technology, including its 16-week residential program. Research and technical services include ongoing and contracted research, product evaluation, laboratory testing, ingredient testing, bakery processing audits, and consulting. Food labeling services provide FDA-compliant labels for manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. AIB is headquartered in Manhattan, Kan., and has offices in Mexico, UK, and China.

Cascades Tissue Group
Cascades Tissue Group is the fourth largest paper tissue producer in North America servicing away-from-home market segments. It offers a broad range of products including paper hand towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper napkins, perforated roll towels, wipers, and dispensers. Handwashing is one of the most impactful ways to control the spread of bacteria. The Cascades antibacterial paper towels provide a simple and effective way to further reduce bacterial contamination and transmission, the company said, adding that the 100%-recycled fiber towels can fit anywhere and don’t require additional steps or change in habits. While hands are dried with the antibacterial paper towels, water releases an active ingredient onto hands eliminating over 99.99% of bacteria, the company said, adding that the towels are safe when used as directed and hypoallergenic, with efficacy and safety testing performed by well-known third-party laboratories.

Guardian Pest Solutions
Guardian Pest Solutions believes that communication is the foundation of a strong partnership, so its service specialists communicate with their customers every time theyprovide service, the company said, adding that its pest-solution programs are designed to ensure plants are compliant with industry safety standards. Guardian Pest Solutions was the first company in the U.S. to be recognized with the National Pest Management Association’s QualityPro Food Protection designation, the firm said. Guardian’s quality assurance program provides pest solutions for canning companies, food manufacturers, and distribution centers. Visit the company’s website to schedule a free pre-audit.

IFC is a national company with over 75 years experience providing pest management and sanitation solutions to the food and commodity industries. IFC has developed a leading reputation by focusing on the highest standards of quality coupled with the latest proven technology and tools, the company said. Its services include integrated pest management (IPM), fumigation (general, tarp, railcars, bins, barges, and ships), routine service, rodent control, bird control, monitoring, and inspection. IFC is a full-line distributor of IGRs, residuals, fogging materials, fumigants, traps, rodent baits, insect baits, safety equipment, respirators, gas detection, pheromones, insect light traps, and application equipment.

Rtech Laboratories
Rtech laboratories, a division of Land O’Lakes, is a comprehensive food science and technology research facility providing clients with chemistry, microbiology, nutrition labeling, pilot plant, and information research services. Its laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited. Although Rtech is expert in dairy analysis, the company said, the lab performs a broad range of routing testing as well as specialty assays. Its pilot plant is capable of producing flexible batch runs in many product categories across a broad range of processing conditions, the company said, adding that information research service is available to all its customers and can provide scientific, business, or technical information services.

Thermal Remediation from Temp-Air provides industrial heat treatments for stored product pest management. Its patented positive-pressurization process uses direct-?red, make-up air heaters in conjunction with fans and high temperature duct work and predetermined air-changes, effective for the control of stored product pests, the company said. Heat treatments can be performed as a full-plant treatment, partial/spot treatment, or a bin/silo treatment which kills all stages of the insect’s life cycle—from eggs to adults, the company added. During heat treatment, non-treated adjacent areas like of?ces, shipping zones, etc. are able to remain operational; also, the process does not result in any long-term, damaging side effects in the area treated, the firm said, adding that the Thermal Remediation process is effective, safe, and eco-friendly with no phase-out.

In-Quiz-It Software
In-Quiz-It Software created the U-Trap-It Pest Management System over 15 years ago for use in critically pest-sensitive settings. The system is now used for numerous purposes, including that of food safety where global food and other products are produced. The company said it was the first to introduce bar-coding technology to the U.S. industrial pest management industry for the purposes of tracking pest control efforts, adding that its management systems are now used by in-house staff or contract service providers at local restaurants, nearly all the top food processing companies, and in many other industries around the world. Core features cited by the company include: globally connects all company pest management efforts, standardizes the pest management effort across corporate facilities, eases auditing and regulatory compliance, provides trending analysis, pesticide tracking, spatial graphing on site plans and floor plans, “early warning system”—automatic analysis of service information generates alerts for any issues found, tracks corrective actions of environmental deficiencies, ability to conduct pest risk assessments, and control of service data through contract changes.

Best Sanitizers
Best Sanitizers has developed the HACCP Defender Low-Moisture Automatic Boot Sanitizing Station to provide an additional layer of pathogen protection by reducing cross-contamination from boots before employees enter the food processing area or other critical control zones. As an employee steps into the station, an infrared sensor closes the four pneumatic doors and delivers a finely atomized mist of Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer to the bottom of the worker’s boots. The mist provides ample coverage to boots, yet uses only a small amount of chemical, which results in reduced chemical waste and improved moisture control, the company said. Alpet D2 is an EPA-approved, ready-to-use, no-rinse sanitizer that is safe for use on food-contact surfaces. It also is NSF registered, Kosher certified, and Pareve. The HACCP Defender measures 36”W x 38”L x 45”H, and uses a one-way, pass-through design and is constructed from 304 stainless steel and high quality components. Output from the six spray nozzles is adjustable, and set up is easy, requiring standard power and access to compressed air, the company said.

Eriez has introduced its E-Z Tec XR-SS (Side Shoot) X-Ray Inspection System, designed for inspection of upright, non-glass containers. The new machine enables complete inspection for foreign objects, fill level, and item presence, the firm reports. The E-Z Tec XR-SS Inspection system includes an array of features such as tool-less disassembly for cleaning, compact 60-inch overall length, low-profile design and auto-learn capabilities. To enhance operator convenience, Eriez also provides remote online support. In addition to the E-Z Tec XR-SS, Eriez offers E-Z Tec XR-Pack X-Ray Inspection Systems for packaging applications, E-Z Tec XR-Clean X-Ray Inspection Systems for meat, poultry, and sanitary applications and E-Z Tec XR-Bulk for bulk flows. Quick quotes are available on all products in Eriez’ line of next-generation X-Ray equipment.

XtraBrite Lighting Services
XtraBrite Lighting Services offers black light lamps for pest control service. XtraBrite President Mike Puchtel is an industry veteran who started the company in 2012 with the vision to purchase and resell black light lamps for pest control use. XtraBrite purchases the lamps directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best price possible for resale, the firm reports, adding that it is committed to offering brand name products at an exceptional value and will keep the industry informed of new lighting technologies.

Linde North America
Recent advances in cryogenic freezing/chilling technology from Linde North America make it possible to quickly add a long-term improvement to meat and poultry operations, and boost yield and processing line throughput, the company said. Linde products include the Cryoline CW Cryowave IQF freezer, with patented rolling-wave action and high-efficiency design to provide cost savings, eliminate CO2 snow carryover and improve cleanability; the Cryoline XF Crossflow spiral freezer, with a high-efficiency hygienic design to improve the heat transfer rate, reduce freezing costs, boost throughput, and provide capacity to 20,000 pounds per hour; the nitrogen impingement freezer, with a proprietary design to give it high freezing capacity per square foot of floor space, reduce dehydration losses, and increase yield; and the Accu-Chill combo chiller, an automated chilling system with patented technology to deliver CO2 for consistent chilling and rapid equilibration, the company said.