Prospection Solutions Announces New Foreign Material Detection System
Prospection Solutions FMI Inspection System
Prospection Solutions

Prospection Solutions Announces New Foreign Material Detection System

With enhanced detection capability, the system has a smaller footprint, said Prospection Solutions.

March 4, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Prospection Solutions, a United States-based manufacturer of inspection technology systems for the food industry, announces a new foreign material detection design with enhanced detection capability in a smaller footprint. 
Prospection Solutions said the new foreign material inspection system design can detect objects as small as 1.5 square mm and is only 10 feet in length. With three model widths available, it has inspection rates up to 40,000 lbs./hour.
This IP69K FMI system inspects product from the top and bottom simultaneously, in high-definition color. The system highlights defects in red, which are flagged by the system for reject and QC review. These inspection systems have magnetic driven motors, an intelligent high speed rejecter and seamless positive drive belting and tool-less belt removal. Remote monitoring capability and real time statistical reporting comes standard on the system.