Prevent Cross-Contamination with Color-Coded Cleaning Tools

Perfex Corporation offers eight vibrant colors to isolate work areas and layout a “visual factory” that allows workers to know immediately when tools are out of place.

Professional cleaning techniques have advanced in many ways and continue to progress under the careful examination of regulators. Food manufacturers have always followed extensive sanitation requirements; however, many companies have a renewed appreciation and understanding of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and the importance of maintaining a clean and organized facility.

Implementing the 5S lean manufacturing method (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) allows an organization to define new standards of cleanliness that consistently promote food safety. For example, sorting food-contact and non-food-contact tools apart will significantly reduce cross-contamination, but in order to ensure consistency the tools must be easy to identify.

While color-coding isn’t new, the recent pandemic has sparked a resurgence of this professional cleaning technique because it uses the “visual factory” idea to let workers know at a glance where tools should or shouldn’t be. Utilize sharp contrasting colors to easily identify out-of-place tools and therefore possible contamination areas. For example, cleaning tools used in a washroom should never be used elsewhere, hence a bright/vibrant color is recommended.

5S is a cyclical methodology of standardization for continuous improvement. Maintaining correct procedures and changing ingrained behaviors can be difficult, the tendency is often to return to your comfort zone of the “old way” of doing things. Without sustainability, the achievements of the other pillars will not last long.

Perfex Professional Cleaning Tools are designed to address the hygienic concerns and safety issues of today’s food manufacturing industry. Our Lite-N-Tite Broom and Brush product line leads the industry with its heat-fused fiber design built for ultra-high cleaning standards. Chemical-resistant, non-conductive fibers will not absorb bacteria, liquids, or odors. Simply rack wash at up to 150°F to kill bacteria.

We can help you establish a color-coded cleaning system with proper tool selection, storage, care, and maintenance. Get a specialized cleaning kit for your facility today! Shop online or contact our qualified team to discover the cleaning tools to safeguard your facility and exceed your sanitation goals.

View our collection of brooms, brushes, mops, and squeegees available in up to eight vibrant colors!

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