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PitchBook Named Beeflow Deal One of Six VC Deals That Defined 2021

Beeflow applies scientific knowledge to pollination and bee behavior to improve crop yields and quality.

December 27, 2021

LOS ANGELES — Beeflow, one of the first companies to apply scientific knowledge to pollination and bee behavior to improve crop yields and quality, was named one of six venture capitalist deals that defined 2021 and one to watch in 2022 by PitchBook, a financial data company, part of Morningstar.

With bees responsible for pollinating more than 70% of food crops around the world, caring for bees and their wellbeing is an important part of the global food chain. Beeflow has developed a portfolio of proprietary technologies, which includes a proprietary, plant-based bee diet supplement that enhances the immune system of bees, making them healthier and able to fly at lower temperatures, and "training" for bees to condition them to pollinate target crops and making them less distracted by other flowers. These technologies, coupled with the company's expertise in crop pollination and chemical ecology, have shown increases in crop yields of between 20% and 90%, depending on the specific crop.

"At Beeflow, we are changing the global paradigm surrounding pollination by applying our scientific knowledge and technologies," said Matias Viel, Beeflow founder and CEO. "Not only are we improving produce quality and reducing water and chemical usage but are also creating both an economically feasible and ecologically friendly program at the same time, something that is difficult to accomplish."