Organic Dairy Brands Rated

Organic Dairy Brands Rated

Cornucopia Institute ranks and rates more than 160 organic dairy brands and products.

August 30, 2018
QA Staff Edited

The Cornucopia Institute published its first comprehensive report on the organic dairy industry in 2008. Much has changed since then, as the organic dairy sector has grown exponentially. With a mission to focus its work on the “factory farm takeover” of organic agriculture, the Cornucopia Institute has published an updated Organic Dairy Scoreboard, ranking and rating organic milk and milk product producers.  

Based on current research into the organic dairy business, the scorecard rates over 160 name-brand organic dairy brands and private-label products. Top honors go to Paradise Springs Farm of Victor, Idaho, which received 1740 of a possible 1600 points (175 “extra credit” points were given for its transparency and 100% sourcing of grain from on-farm sources.

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