Onset Worldwide Introduces Microduction Validated 5 Log Kill Step System

Onset Worldwide Introduces Microduction Validated 5 Log Kill Step System

Technology provides for the sanitation of seeds, grains, and flours.

August 16, 2018

Onset Worldwide, an East Coast processor of raw ingredients, has launched a “game-changing” technology for the sanitation of seeds, grains, and flours, the company said. Its Microduction process is a validated kill step system that does not use heat, steam, or liquid chemicals. Unlike other forms of food sanitation, Microduction targets only the harmful pathogens while maintaining the probiotic benefits of the raw food. Treated foods remain organic, raw, and free of added chemicals; and seeds still sprout after treatment.

Onset Worldwide’s goal is to replace the industry standard steam/heat sterilization process with a more cost-effective and scalable solution that does not affect the nutrition of the ingredients being treated, the company said, adding that by utilizing a proprietary gas immersion procedure, Microduction has achieved a 5+ log reduction on Salmonella and E. coli with no significant changes to the nutritional panel. These results come after three years of research and development, a microbiological study from a recognized food science university, and replication by an industry leading accredited third-party laboratory.

Microduction processing is available to retail brands, manufacturers, and importers exclusively through Onset Worldwide. All bulk products processed will have the option to display the Microduction validated seal and be eligible for lot-tracing or retail-vendor programs. Both programs are designed to ensure full traceability of food products back to the Microduction process, the company said.

“During the testing stage, one of the microbiologists noticed the pathogens of concern were reduced but the microbiomes of the seeds were still alive. This was one of the biggest unplanned breakthroughs we had, as ingesting probiotics can benefit one’s health,” said, Onset Vice President of Operations Sara Morrison.

“This development opens up a whole new market. Some products can’t be steam/heat-treated without changing the taste profile or nutritional panel. Those markets can now be served with this technology,” added President Tom Merrow.

For more information, visit www.microduction.com.