Mitsubishi Packaging Technology Combats Food Waste

Mitsubishi Packaging Technology Combats Food Waste

Oxygen-absorbing resin doubles shelf life, decreasing loss from farm to fork.

August 11, 2017

Food waste is a mounting concern for consumers and food manufacturers alike, and a large portion of the responsibility to solve the problem falls on packaging suppliers. To help reduce food losses, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America offers an oxygen-absorbing technology for flexible packaging that can more than double the shelf life of some food products, the company said, adding that the technology keeps food looking and tasting fresher for longer on store shelves and consumer pantries, resulting in less food wasted throughout the supply chain.

Mitsubishi’s technology is embedded as a film layer within flexible packaging, and extends and protects original food flavors, aromas and textures without sachets or packets. Because spoilage is a main reason grocery stores and consumers throw away food, maintaining the fresh look and feel of food is crucial to cutting back on waste.

Available as a resin for the first time in the United States, the company said, the technology can be combined with any barrier film to provide maximum shelf life. It protects food from outside oxygen while absorbing the oxygen inside a sealed food package, creating an atmosphere within packaging in which oxygen concentration is reduced to 0.1 percent or less.

Ideal for retort packaging applications and useful with products such as soups, sauces, processed fruit, dips, protein bars, prepared meals and wet pet foods, it also can preserve natural, organic and gluten-free products that are particularly vulnerable to food spoilage without the need for preservatives or additives.

Mitsubishi is offering food processors a free assessment to help manufacturers determine how much the technology can increase the shelf life of a specific product. “Food companies face a challenge in reducing food waste while balancing consumer demands for fresh, natural foods,” said Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Manager of Marketing and Sales Sean Hael.

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