Microscan Barcode Scanner Wins Most Popular Award in China

The QX-870 industrial laser barcode scanner has been widely implemented across the country.

December 11, 2012

BEIJING, China – Microscan announced its QX-870 industrial laser barcode scanner has won the 2012 Most Popular Product Award in the automation industry.  Microscan Marketing Manager, Hui Fan, accepted the award during a ceremony at the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) in Shanghai, China.  The awards and ceremony were co-organized by the Chinese Automation Association, China Automation Media Group, and China International Industry Fair. The award commends technical innovation and market influence in the automation industry; it is decided by a strict online voting process that is overseen by an independent panel of judges.

The QX-870 laser scanner was a top candidate for the 2012 Most Popular Product Award because of its wide implementation by the Chinese SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) for regulation and data tracking using newly-mandated barcode printing on pharmaceutical packaging.  Currently, thousands of Microscan barcode readers are operating in more than 2,000 pharmaceutical factories in China, many using the QX-870. The scanner’s popularity stems from its innovative flexibility, incorporating the latest technologies in barcode reading and connectivity in an easy-to-use solution for barcode track, trace, and control applications.  Simple to set up and deploy, the QX-870 features a programmable sweeping raster to read multiple codes, in varying locations, even if they are damaged or misaligned.  With its plug-and-play setup and the most aggressive decode algorithms available, the QX-870 is the ideal scanner for any industrial application.
The QX-870’s decoding capabilities allow reliable reading of barcodes as far as 30” (762 cm), at up to a 10” (25.4 cm) beam width.  In addition to sweep angle and speed controls, the QX-870 features a programmable raster with intelligent auto framing technology.  Advanced software will automatically frame the raster height and width of the laser to match the barcode, allowing selective targeting of codes within a single read cycle.
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