Meet Pest Control’s New Power Couple

By joining forces, SenesTech and Agrecom are poised to make Birth Control for Rats™ a household name.

After SenesTech created its novel product, a liquid contraceptive for rats called ContraPest®, the company faced a problem. ContraPest deployed in bait stations worked well against ground-level rats, but the stations were unable to be placed in narrow, elevated spaces where roof rats nest and breed. To reach roof rats, SenesTech needed to create a dispenser that could fit in attics, in lofts, and on rafters.

Their solution? The Elevate Bait System — a ContraPest station that can be mounted on vertical surfaces or deployed near the ground with a much smaller footprint. With the prototype finished, SenesTech needed help with developmental testing and deployment. That’s when they partnered with California-based Agrecom.

As experts in livestock production biosecurity and sanitation, Agrecom had the hands-on experience to take Elevate through the fine-tuning process. And with a wide client base of companies, pest management professionals (PMPs), and people in need of a PMP, they could test Elevate in a variety of situations.

“Collaborating with such industry experts as Agrecom, we knew the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest would be transformational in food security and eliminating roof rats,” said Ken Siegel, SenesTech CEO.

The SenesTech-Agrecom partnership proved more powerful and symbiotic than either company anticipated. Not only did Agrecom help make Elevate a smarter, more streamlined product, but Elevate ended up being an enormous boon to Agrecom’s clients.

“Roof rats pose a real threat to food security, and the beauty of the Elevate Bait System is that it targets these rats where they live and breed,” said Stuart Rawling, Agrecom CEO. “Not only do these rats stay in the upper part of buildings, but so does this suspended bait system.”

Elevate’s power to fight roof rats was apparent, but Rawling found it also worked well on rats in hen houses, where the device resembled a water dispenser when mounted on chicken wire.

Game-Changer ContraPest® is the first and only EPA-registered contraceptive for both male and female rats.

“By partnering with a forward-thinking company like SenesTech, we were able to solve a challenging situation with one of our egg-layer customers as well as help bring to market a game-changing product for rodent control,” Rawling said.

The results were so impressive that Rawling committed to using ContraPest for all of Agrecom’s customers with rat problems. That means customers now have access to the “trifecta of rat control” — rat birth control, pest management specialists, and consultative services all in one.

The partnership proves that, when like-minded companies share their knowledge and expertise, everybody wins.

Except rats.

November December 2022
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