Meat with European Quality – A Study Visit to Poland

Meat with European Quality – A Study Visit to Poland

U.S. and Canadian meat industry representatives visit Poland to learn about quality of European meat.

March 4, 2019

On March 7-13, 2019, representatives of the U.S. and Canadian meat industry will make a study visit to Poland. The visit is a part of a two-year promotional campaign for refrigerated and frozen pork and beef, as well as meat processed products conducted by the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry with financial support from the European Union, Pork Promotion Fund, and Beef Promotion Fund.

Within the scope of the six-day visit, the U.S. and Canadian specialists will have the opportunity to learn about the quality of European meat and make direct connections with manufacturers of meat and processed meat products. The visit’s program includes a number of events, such as a seminar titled “High Quality of European Meat – Tradition and Passion,” which, paired with a series of B2B meetings with European manufacturers of meat and processed meat products, in intended to offer a solid platform for new business relationships between Europe and North America and strengthen the existing ones.

Visits to factories and processing plants of leading European manufacturers of meat and processed meat products will familiarize the visitors with the production process, quality standards, and history and tradition behind the cold meat and butchery sector.

Participants also will have opportunities to meet representatives of European and Polish institutions to expand their knowledge on breeding, slaughter, and meat processing
in Europe, as well as on international cooperation and presence of Polish products on global markets. A goal of the European promoters is to encourage American importers to further expand economic cooperation between the European Union and the US and Canada with regard to the meat industry.

“The visit will offer a great chance to verify the manufacturing standards in force within the European Union, where the process of pork and beef production has been improved by generations of manufacturers, who, supported by centuries of tradition and vast experience, guarantee that consumers receive a tested and safe product with unique quality and flavor,” the promoters said. “Such visits are essential, because they enable the stakeholders to build their business relationships and make contacts, which may result in a fruitful, long-term cooperation in the future.” They also provide an opportunity for them to explore both markets and understand their characteristics and exchange experiences.

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