Liphatech Introduces Flatline Soft Bait

Liphatech Introduces Flatline Soft Bait

New bait features the active ingredient chlorophacinone.

January 24, 2020

MILWAUKEE – Liphatech has added Flatline Soft Bait to its portfolio of soft bait products. Flatline is the first and only soft bait rodenticide containing the active ingredient chlorophacinone, an ideal choice for pest management professionals (PMPs) looking for an everyday use product to help stop damage caused by rodents, Liphatech reports.

As chlorophacinone is a first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, Flatline is a multiple-feed soft bait that effectively kills rats and mice. Flatline maintains its integrity in hot environments, is attractive to rats and mice and can be used for light to heavy rodent activity, according to Liphatech.

“Rounding out our soft bait family, Flatline is a first gen for the next gen,” said Charlie Passantino, structural pest control business director at Liphatech. “For PMPs, it is an ideal choice for rodent control maintenance plans and a good bait to try if new to soft bait.”

Flatline Soft Bait is packaged in a conveniently sized 28-gram soft bait pouch which can be quickly secured with bait rods or feeding devices, such as SoftSecure Technology (SST). As with all Liphatech soft baits, Flatline is made without nuts or seeds to reduce debris and service time for PMPs.

Flatline Soft Bait rodenticide is available to PMPs in 4 lb. individual bags of 28-gram pouches or in 8-bag cases. Specifically, Flatline can be used to target Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, deer mice and other rodent species as listed on the product label. Vitamin K₁ is the antidote for Flatline. Registration is pending in California, Hawaii, Maine and South Dakota.

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