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June 4, 2019

Let me congratulate you on an excellent article on Frank (Yiannas, March/April 2019). While now retired after 47 years in food safety, I had the opportunity to know Frank from his early days with Disney and enjoyed collaboration with him while I managed HEB’s food safety program. What surprised me in your article was that there was no mention of Frank’s involvement with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). CFP was instrumental in bridging the collaboration between regulatory agencies and the retail sector through the FDA Food Code. Frank started his involvement with CFP serving in Council 1 when I was Vice-Chair and quickly moved up through the leadership of CFP and involvement with IAFP. This connection was key to Frank’s success with Walmart and eventually now with FDA. Again, thank you for showcasing Frank as an outstanding food safety professional that will bring a lot to FDA in the future.

Fred Reimers

Creative FoodSafe Solutions

Food Safety Professional (Retired)

Editor’s Response. Thank you very much for your kind words. Unfortunately, we did not have information on the extent of Frank Yiannas’ involvement with CFP or how essential that was to his career. We appreciate your providing us with this career highlight and the opportunity to share it with QA readers.