Lachowski and Weber Named as Outstanding Scientists

Lachowski and Weber Named as Outstanding Scientists

Joe Lachowski and George Weber were honored by DowDuPont's specialty products division.

November 5, 2018

DowDuPont Specialty Products Division has named two outstanding scientists with the 2017 Lavoisier Medal of Technical Achievement: Joe Lachowski and George Weber. The medalists were honored at a ceremony at TechCon 2018, DuPont’s premier innovation conference that brings together scientists, engineers, and business colleagues to share ideas, collaborate and advance our innovation agenda.

The Lavoisier Medal for Lifetime Technical Achievement is the company’s highest science award and recognizes scientists and engineers who have demonstrated a career of creative technical contributions with significant business impact. The medal is named in honor of the 18th century French chemist, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who is considered the father of modern chemistry and served as mentor to DuPont’s founder, Eleuthère Irénée du Pont.

“I am honored to recognize Joe and George on their remarkable careers,” said Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division Alexa Dembek. “They embody and exemplify what makes our scientists and engineers constantly deliver results that matter: they serve as role models who lead courageously and continuously build their capabilities – and the skills of others – to help our customers solve complex problems, advance their best ideas and deliver real-world products and solutions.”

Dow recognized the two for:

Joe Lachowski, B.Sc., Application Fellow, Electronics & Imaging (above, left), is an exceptional application scientist who has been instrumental in creating lithography-based products for Dow in multiple business units. Joe’s contribution throughout his career is based on his ability to produce creative, technically sound commercial products and to solve customers’ toughest problems. He has developed and commercialized numerous new photoresist and dielectric materials, enabling critical advances in the electronics industry.

George Weber, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Nutrition & Health (above, right), is a highly respected scientist recognized for his pioneering research in the field of fermentation-based ingredients to protect food against microbial spoilage and to improve food safety. George’s work resulted in the MicroGARD product line, which is a fermentate that eventually yielded a family of related food protection ingredients to meet increasing customer and consumer demands. Most recently, George was part of the Food Protection team that developed the first new natural antimicrobial blends with the product name BioVia. These products provide robust antimicrobial control with clean label.