Intelligent Rodent Monitoring, Part of a Pest-Free Solution

Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System pinpoints pest hot spots to help reduce pest risks across operations.

With so many variables impacting food safety within a food and beverage operation, manual pest monitoring can only go so far. This is particularly true for rodents, where the limit is both logistical (humans can’t access or detect everything) and financial (more frequent manual inspection cost more). Ecolab is combining connected technologies with on-site service expertise to address this challenge with proactive, data-driven service to both treat and prevent pests.

Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System places remote monitoring devices both internally and externally to help monitor high-risk and hard-to-access areas. Service experts combine insights gleaned through regular on-site inspections with insights from these remote devices to proactively reduce pest risks across the facility.

Once mice, rats, or other pests infest your facility, it can be hard to discover where they’re hiding. Our Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System pinpoints pest hot spots, so our Ecolab Service Specialists can take swift action in identifying the root cause and resolving issues as quickly as possible.

“Imagine a situation where a service specialist continually sees rodent activity on one side of a facility during their routine service visits,” says Julie Marquardt, Vice President of RD&E, Ecolab Global Pest Elimination. “They can’t be sure if the activity is caused by structural issues, poor diligence about keeping doors closed or infested incoming goods. If this location has an Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, our service specialist would receive time and date stamps of activity, creating a thorough record of exactly when and where issues are occurring. This makes it easier to deduce that activity peaks after a particular supplier’s delivery or during a particular work shift when doors are being propped open.”

After experiencing increased rodent pressure, a customer wanted greater visibility into their pest activity both inside and outside of their facility. By implementing Ecolab’s Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, the Ecolab Service Specialist combined their pest elimination expertise with powerful data and insights such as date, time and location of activity. This approach drove focus on the most critical areas of the facility enabling a more proactive and prescriptive service to mitigate pest risks — before the rodent issues create a food safety incident or violation, harming customers or damaging the business’ reputation. After implementing the Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, the customer found an overall 80% decrease in pest activity.

Ecolab offers comprehensive Integrated Pest Management services, tailored for your facility’s unique needs.

Our scientifically proven strategies leveraging intelligent rodent monitoring power a data-driven, risk-based approach to protecting your food safety and quality — and powering the success of your food business.

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