INOTEC Link Cutter Honored

INOTEC Link Cutter Honored

A new generation Inotec WT99-iT Link Cutter was recently honored by International Forum Design GmbH.

September 5, 2017

A new generation Inotec WT99-iT Link Cutter was recently honored with the highest equipment  design award by Germany’s oldest independent design institution, the International Forum Design GmbH, located in Hannover.

Selected from more than 5,000 applicants from 59 countries, the Inotec WT99-iT Link Cutter was noted for its hygienic design and precision performance with proven technology that has been upgraded from previous generations in every critical area affecting sanitation, performance, reliability and simplicity of use, the company said.

The new iT-generation link cutters are complying with all of the hygiene, sanitation and ergonomics requirements and are meeting all of the demands for efficiency and reliability in the heavy duty working environments of modern processors, the company said, adding that the iT series is a model for modern food processing equipment design with simple controls, rounded edges, many ergonomic features, free access to all elements for maintenance and cleaning, and faster speeds made possible by even more precise cutting.

Inotec iT series link cutters work with all sausage types with high precision at speeds up to 1800 cuts per minute for efficient pairing with high-performance packaging machines. For more information, visit and