ETQ Reliance QMS Software Updated

ETQ Reliance QMS Software Updated

Updates include new training management, mobility, collaboration and release management functionalities.

December 30, 2019

ETQ, a provider of quality management solutions, today announced new capabilities for ETQ Reliance, the company’s quality management system (QMS) software. The latest release includes an enhanced training management application, an upgraded release management application, additional language packs to automate translations, and new mobile capabilities. As a result, ETQ customers can increase the ROI of their QMS investments by designing and executing more agile, flexible, and robust quality management strategies that engage and empower employees to leverage key quality data that drives business decisions, the company said.  

This announcement closely follows the release of ETQ Insights, announced in October 2019. With ETQ Insights, quality practitioners get a comprehensive view into quality data and how it can be used to create actionable insights and drive operational excellence. With the enhancements, more users within customer organizations can take advantage of Insights and what the entire Reliance platform has to offer, the company said.

Specifically, ETQ said the upgraded capabilities of the software will help organizations to:

  • Drive uniform quality management procedures, create a stronger culture of quality and better prepare for compliance audits throughout the company. With the new, simplified training management functionality—which is fully configurable and scalable—users will be able to track quality-related training throughout the organization. The feature allows executives to define courses, align policies and procedures within document control and track progress of staff training. This is especially critical for companies certified through ISO or other standards bodies, which mandate that organizations track the courses employees have taken and the results of their tests.
  • Deploy new and updated QMS applications to their internal user community. ETQ Reliance provides significant flexibility and configurability. Companies will be able to manage their specific configurations through the release management application to more efficiently and effectively roll out upgrades to their employees. In addition, the release management application enables easy management of quality assurance and validation testing with simplified forms, workflows and reports that can be generated at every step of the quality process.
  • Access and manage key quality data from anywhere, at any time. The platform’s new, richer mobile capabilities will enable users to leverage all core functions and applications of Reliance via remote devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Users can also work offline if they are in a location where the Reliance system cannot be reached through a network, syncing work with Reliance when connectivity is restored.
  • Translate Reliance applications to support users across geographies. The new language pack includes translations for French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Administrators can also translate their own natively built applications directly in the platform.

“ETQ’s mission is to enable customers to use quality as an avenue for continuous improvement and operational excellence,” said CEO Rob Gremley. “The enhancements delivered in our latest version of ETQ Reliance, combined with our revolutionary analytics platform, ETQ Insights, will enable our customers to more efficiently build a culture of quality that improves their end users’ experiences, thus driving brand loyalty and enhancing overall business performance. We look forward to seeing what our customers are able to achieve as a result of our upgraded platform and will continue to deliver on our promise of providing them with the most innovative, intuitive and flexible quality management solutions on the market.” 

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