Discover a Pest Solution with Proven Efficacy and No Known Resistance

Douglas Products’ ProFume(R) gas fumigant helps reduce plant downtime.

Quality assurance (QA) managers in the food storage and production industry have a lot on their minds. That’s because their company’s reputation is on the line every day, and new risks may accompany each and every shipment that enters their facility. In a recent survey conducted with QA managers, operations that store and process grains reported efficacy challenges with their current pest management program, leading some to look for alternative solutions. Having the right mix of effective, reliable solutions in an integrated pest management (IPM) plan is the only reliable method to avoid lengthy shutdowns, warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or — worse yet — product recalls.

Benefit From Proven Efficacy

The effectiveness of fumigating postharvest and stored products with ProFume® gas fumigant, sulfuryl fluoride, has been demonstrated in university studies and commercial. Common target pests, Indian meal moths (Plodia interpunctella), and red and confused flour beetles (Tribolium castaneum and T. confusum, respectively) are known to contaminate food products, which can result in loss of quality as well as profit. These pests do not have known resistance to sulfuryl fluoride. By effectively targeting hidden and visible pest life stages, ProFume helps reduce quality assurance concerns by controlling targeted pests, including those that are known to be resistant to other control measures.

Reduction of plant downtime is an important benefit for operations that choose to fumigate with ProFume. Precision Fumigation™ tools and techniques are at the core of the proprietary Fumiguide® program and help optimize fumigation plans by providing an opportunity to run “what-if” scenarios. Factors such as temperature, half-loss time and exposure time can be manipulated to provide the best balance between downtime and cost while still achieving control of the target pests.

Keep Food Safety the Top Priority

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires operations that process, manufacture, package and/or hold human foods establish preventative and proactive solutions. Exclusion, regular inspection and monitoring methods help you prevent and identify when additional measures are needed to control and reduce pest populations. Including a fumigation with ProFume as one of the tools in an operation’s IPM program helps operations stay FSMA-compliant. In the event of a widespread pest infestation, a fumigation with ProFume provides a rapid and proven solution to treat hidden pest harborage areas and re-establish control. Operations with sensitive electronic equipment and computers will not be negatively impacted by the use of ProFume, as it is noncorrosive.

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