Convert Your Food Safety Data into Action

Control your data, environment, and risk with Neogen® Analytics.

Operating a food manufacturing facility comes with daily hurdles: mitigating risks, seeking solutions, and implementing best practices to ensure safe, quality products for consumers to enjoy. This makes decision making and planning prominence vital. With the importance of food safety and quality assurance programs in an era of digital transformation, technology and digitization are changing the food industry and how data is managed and tracked.

Have Your Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) Data Deliver Insights for You

Designed specifically for food manufacturing plants of all sizes and locations, Neogen® Analytics is the most comprehensive digital EMP on the market. Utilizing broadcast reporting, floor plans, scheduling, corrective actions, and comparison of facilities data, the software platform increases visibility to food safety testing results, helping you reduce risks and elevating your ability to improve your food safety policies, protecting your brand.

While Neogen Analytics has extensive capabilities, our customer success team is available virtually to help you every step of the way during the onboarding, training, and integration.

Take Control of Your Food Safety Program

With comprehensive software aggregating your data, Neogen Analytics does the heavy lifting behind the computer, allowing you to spend more time on the floor investigating current issues and strategizing mitigation for future risks. We help companies standardize and digitalize the EMP testing selection process. Those insights contributed to the development of report testing that can be automatically saved to your database — no more crunching data by hand.

Our software aims to make your decision making and planning more efficient. Managing data across several facilities can be overwhelming, which is why Neogen Analytics allows you to easily compare trends — like which facilities are completing corrective actions more quickly or rate of nonconformance — across all facilities in your organization, even if they’re overseas. Neogen provides both the technology and a market-tested strategy to transition from a manual to a digitally transformed automated reality.

November December 2022
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