Certus System for Rapid Pathogen Detection Receives AOAC Certification

Certus System for Rapid Pathogen Detection Receives AOAC Certification

Validation of same-shift “swab-to-result” technology continues market momentum.

November 19, 2018

Chicago-based Certus, innovators in food safety technologies, has announced that its Certus System for accurate and rapid pathogen detection has achieved AOAC Performance Tested certification (101802). As a result of rigorous validation studies required to achieve certification, AOAC validation provides small to mid-sized food processing plants further assurance on the reliability and efficiency of Certus’ in-house environmental Listeria monitoring process; a simple, safe and cost-effective way to deliver swab-to-result pathogen detection, the company said.

Utilizing SERS nanoparticle technology, the Certus System features real-time detection which empowers food processors with the timely information they need to keep their products moving and protect their brand from a recall. The Certus System’s combination of in-house capability coupled with real-time detection means producers have test results in-hand in less time than it takes for a third-party lab to receive samples by mail.

“We’re extremely proud and put tremendous value on achieving AOAC certification within two years of beginning our journey to help protect food production beyond a shadow of a doubt,” said Certus president, John Coomes. “Recognition by AOAC, coupled with our robust R&D team and strong financial backing, demonstrates that we are moving quickly to bring unmatched, precise solutions to food processors across the industry.”

AOAC has certified the Certus System for use on four environmental surfaces that include stainless steel, concrete, plastic and ceramics. The Certus System also can detect target organisms without destroying them, while reducing the impact of interfering substances commonly found in environmental food samples on assay results, leading to a 98% accuracy.

With a limited number of Certus Systems now available, food processors interested in learning how to integrate the Certus System into their facility can schedule a complimentary, in-person consultation by visiting certusfoodsafety.com/consultation.