Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Vibrio Real-Time PCR Kit Receives AOAC Validation

Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Vibrio Real-Time PCR Kit Receives AOAC Validation

Kit can detect presence of three main vibrio species that may be found in raw and undercooked seafood.

July 2, 2020

Hercules, Calif.-based Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced that AOAC International has validated its iQ-Check Vibrio Real-Time PCR Kit to detect the presence of the three main Vibrio species found in raw or undercooked seafood (V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus, and V. vulnificus) with a fast enrichment time. To obtain this approval through the AOAC’s Performance Tested Methods program, a validation study was performed that demonstrated no significant differences between the iQ-Check Vibrio Real-Time PCR Kit method and the FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual “Chapter 9 Vibrio” (May 2004) reference method, even with the shortened enrichment time offered by Bio-Rad’s method.

The assay was validated for use with 125-gram test portions of cooked shrimp as well as 25-gram portions of cooked and raw shrimp, raw mussels, raw oysters, and raw tuna. The iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution, which removes problematic free DNA from the sample with a nontoxic and easy-to-use procedure, was also validated for all of the sample types.

The iQ-Check Vibrio Real-Time PCR Kit method was approved for use with the Bio-Rad Vibrio Enrichment Broth (after a seven- to nine-hour enrichment period) and alkaline phosphate water (after a six- to 18-hour enrichment period).

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