Global Berries Market 2021-2025
Global Berries Market 2021-2025

Berries Market to Grow by $8.96 Billion

One of the primary growth drivers for this market is the growing awareness and promotion of the benefits of consuming berries, says research firm Technavio.

December 28, 2021

NEW YORK — The global berries market will observe a significant growth between 2020 and 2025 with increasing consumer demand for healthy and nutrient-rich foods, according to Technavio. Governments in developing regions such as China and India are launching various health campaigns to motivate people to consume more vegetables and fruits such as berries. Moreover, the growth in disposable incomes has increased consumer spending on premium food products such as superfruits that are natural, high in quality, and have a novel taste. In addition, the growth in the global packaged foods and beverages industry will create several growth opportunities for market vendors during the forecast period.

One of the primary growth drivers for this market is the growing awareness and promotion of the benefits of consuming berries. In addition, new product launches and expansion in the retail landscape will have an accelerating effect on the market's growth. However, adverse weather conditions might challenge the growth of the market.

Technavio expects the berries market size to grow by $8.96 billion between 2020 and 2025, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 5.65% during the forecast period.

Berries Market: Segment Highlights

  • By application, Technavio analyzes the global berries market across segments such as food and beverages, personal care and others.
  • The demand for berries was significant from the food and beverage segment in 2020.
  • The increased use of berries in food products such as snacks, ice creams, yogurts, jams and beverages like juices, soft drinks, smoothies and wine is driving the growth of the segment.
  • The market growth in the food and beverage segment will be significant during the forecast period.

Regional Analysis

  • 35% of the growth will originate from the European market.
  • The growing adoption of healthier lifestyles among consumers, the increasing demand for superfruits such as berries, and new product launches will be crucial in driving the growth of the berries market in Europe during the forecast period.
  • The UK, Germany, and France are the key markets for berries in Europe.
  • Market growth in this region will be slower than the growth of the market in other regions.