Anton Paar and InfinityQS Launch Installation Guide

Anton Paar and InfinityQS Launch Installation Guide

Provides guidance for interfacing their analysis and statistical process control software solutions.

September 13, 2018
QA Staff Edited

As part of a longstanding partnership, measuring instrument specialist Anton Paar and statistical process control (SPC) solutions provider InfinityQS have launched a guide for setting up the interface between Davis 5 and Enact or ProFicient software.

Recognizing that Anton Paar’s analysis system Davis 5 and the quality intelligence solutions by InfinityQS, including Enact and ProFicient, are frequently used together in beverage production plants, the two companies have teamed up to provide a joint installation guide for their customers.

“Working together to make life easier for the users of our products, that’s what real customer support is about,” said Anton Paar Product Manager for Process Instrumentation Miha Zavrsnik.

“The compact but detailed step-by-step guide is easy to follow, contains illustrative screenshots, and makes automatic data collection from Anton Paar a breeze,” added InfinityQS Vice President of Product Management Eric Weisbrod.

Once communication between Davis 5 and the respective program by InfinityQS is successfully established, customers benefit from comprehensive data management, processing, and analysis for their whole plant and production chain, the companies said. In addition to plant-related indicators such as water and electricity consumption, beverage-related parameters managed by Davis 5, such as °Brix, %Diet, alcohol, CO2, O2, or sugar inversion, can be communicated to Enact or ProFicient via a standard interface. In this way laboratory, process, and other analysis instruments in the plant are connected, and statistical evaluation of all parameters necessary for comprehensive plant analysis is possible, the companies said.