Agri-Neo and Red River Commodities Announce Partnership

Red River will commence operation of the Neo-Pure solution during the fourth quarter of 2018 on its seeds and grains, including its sunflower seeds.

July 13, 2018

TORONTO – Food safety technology company Agri-Neo and Red River Commodities, which sources, trades and distributes natural food products and ingredients, announced a partnership to utilize Agri-Neo’s food safety solution Neo-Pure. Red River will commence operation of the Neo-Pure solution during the fourth quarter of 2018 on its seeds and grains, including its sunflower seeds.

“At Red River our commitment to high-quality food ingredients and products, and our dedication to food safety is at the core of the value we provide customers,” said Patrick Pfaff, Director of Product Development.  “We researched and vetted several options that can deliver ready to eat products with a validated 5 log reduction of microbiological organisms.  We wanted a process that provides our customers with the full nutritional benefits of a raw product without compromising any quality or organoleptic properties.  In Agri-Neo we found the perfect partner to help us differentiate our products and grow our business.”

“Neo-Pure is a unique solution in the market given its organic, non-thermal attributes and ability to address the risk of pathogens without impacting taste or nutritional value,” said Agri-Neo President and COO Rob Wong.  “Red River brings extensive relationships with consumer-packaged goods companies, ingredient suppliers and grocers, which will all benefit from the implementation of Neo-Pure.  We look forward to working with Red River in communicating the additional value Neo-Pure provides and in helping them expand their customer base.”

“Our SunGold division, of Red River Commodities, is a perfect opportunity for the Neo-Pure system.  The SunGold facility provides several types of roasted, ready to eat products so, adding the Neo-Pure option will give our customers the choice that best suits their needs,” said Robert Majkrzak, President and CEO for Red River Commodities.

Neo-Pure helps to minimize the risk of pathogens and unwanted microbes in seeds, nuts, grains and sprouting seeds by providing food safety as nature intended.  Derived from plants, it denatures bacterial and fungal cell membranes and DNA on the surface and inside crevices of food, then biodegrades completely into water.  The Neo-Pure liquid solution is applied in its dedicated food safety system to ensure total coverage of every seed, grain, and nut. With Neo-Pure, food remains raw with no nutritional impact; approved for organic use under US NOP and Canadian COR standards; and viable with no impact to sensory, shelf life or germination.  With U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approvals Neo-Pure provides the industry with a non-thermal and validated 5-log reduction for a variety of seeds, grains, and nuts, which complies with the preventative controls requirements under FSMA.