A2LA Updates Board, Hosts Technical Forum

A2LA Updates Board, Hosts Technical Forum

A2LA has implemented a new board structure, added new board members and hosted a technical forum.

April 8, 2019

Frederick, Md.-based A2LA has implemented a new structure for its Board of Directors, voted in three new Board members, and hosted its 2019 Technical Forum.

The A2LA Board will now be comprised of a Governance Board, ultimately setting a stronger foundation for supporting A2LA staff. “The restructuring of the A2LA Board will result in the ability to make decisions more efficiently and meet more often with shorter meetings. Starting with this change, we endeavor to set the foundation for A2LA to be sustainable for 100 years and beyond,” said Brad Goskowicz, A2LA Board of Directors Chair and Microbiologics CEO.

In 2018, three new Board members were voted in by the Association’s membership. Eurofins VP of Business Administration Mary Kay Krogull, Auburn Health Strategies President Robin Stombler, and SIMCO Electronics CEO Brian Kenna will join the A2LA Board for 2019.

“A2LA will benefit greatly from unique expertise the returning and new Board members bring to the group. Our Board members provide priceless guidance to A2LA staff in a variety of areas, including process improvement, industry insight and all aspects of business strategy,” said A2LA President and CEO, Lonnie Spires. 

A2LA hosted its 2019 Technical Forum in Reston, Vir., in March. The event gathered over 400 attendees, including A2LA assessors, accredited organizations, and other stakeholders to discuss the state of the accreditation industry and to engage in professional development related to conformity assessment.

The conference included technical sessions, networking, and exhibits. Sessions covered a range of topics such as cannabis testing, forensic sciences, and materials testing, offering insight for a variety of industries. Courses including “ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Review and Analysis of Trends” and “Best Practices in Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation” stood out as popular sessions for the many attendees looking to adapt or conform to ISO/IEC 17025’s 2017 update. The exhibitor interactions helped expose forum-goers to different laboratory-related vendors while providing exhibitors the opportunity to create and develop relationships with potential customers.

A2LA’s Technical Forum has grown to become one of the largest, multidiscipline events in the accreditation industry, the association said. Attracting attendees globally from over a dozen different industries, the conference focuses heavily on strengthening the value of accreditation and continuing to strive for A2LA’s vision: Accreditation Accepted Everywhere. A2LA would like to thank Auto Technology, Qualtrax, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Labtopia, and QMSC for their sponsorship and help to make this year’s Technical Forum possible.