5 Questions with Sarah Latyn, SenSci

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October 13, 2020

Now, more than ever, safety and protection against harmful airborne particles are critical for all service-based industries. So how can you better protect yourself, your clients, and employees? Sarah Latyn, one of the SenSci experts, explains why the Peel & Stick filters are essential in the fight against COVID-19.

1 What exactly are Peel & Stick Filters?

They are as simple as their name implies. These face mask filters, that are made in the USA, simply adhere onto the inside of almost any mask to provide you with N95-like efficacy without compromising breathability.

2 How do these filters compare to others on the market?

Filters, like masks, vary in their level of protection. Most people are using the activated carbon or charcoal filters that fit into their mask’s pocket. The differences between those and the Peel & Stick filters are that Peel & Stick protect the wearer down to 0.1 microns whereas the activated carbon only protects down to 2.5 microns. Also, the Peel & Stick filters will adhere to almost any mask, not just ones with pockets, and features a 60-hour lifespan.

3 Is breathability compromised while using the Peel & Stick Filters?

Absolutely not! In fact, it has better breathability than that of a surgical mask according to its Delta P rating, which is < 2.7 mm H O/cm2. The Peel & Stick filters feature a soft, comfortable breathable layer of protection that is made in the USA with an N95-like level of protection without compromising breathability.

4 Why should people consider using the Peel & Stick Filters on a daily basis?

It is recommended by the CDC and WHO to have at least two layers of protection when it comes to a mask and most masks are only made of a single layer of fabric, so filters are recommended to be used to provide better protection. The Peel & Stick filters offer three layers of protection that block out 99% of harmful airborne particles down to 0.1 microns as tested by Nelson Labs.

5 Why should companies consider using the Peel & Stick filters for their employees’ face masks?

Even though most service-based companies are using face masks, the Peel & Stick filters will not only protect their employees better but they can also help set apart their company from their competitors. Using Peel & Stick filters will show your customers that you care about their safety as well as yours. The Peel & Stick filters give you effective, proven protection that costs less than $2 per week per employee.