5 Questions with Patrick Lynch, A.C.E., Senior Vice President of Sales, Bell Laboratories

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Patrick Lynch, A.C.E., senior vice president of sales for Bell Laboratories, explains how controlling rodents and improving service are only a fraction of how iQ Products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies, can work to protect your business.

September 30, 2022

1. What is the vision for Bell Sensing Technologies?

The vision for BST is to provide our loyal pest management and food safety partners with a total rodent monitoring solution that gives them the ability to simultaneously provide superior rodent control at a more efficient pace. iQ products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies, are a full line of integrated rodent control products empowering pest management and food safety professionals with solutions to both short-term and long-term business problems.

2. What are some of the biggest business problems that food safety professionals are facing?

The three main problems that we continue to hear our partners are challenged with are employee retention and recruitment; the ability to continue strong growth in a tight labor market; and health, safety and insurance costs rising.

3. What solutions do iQ products provide towards employee retention & recruitment efforts?

Imagine you are a pest control technician who spends a vast majority of their time at a food safety account checking multiple catch and snap traps with no activity. These necessary but laborious tasks are eliminated by using iQ. This efficiency frees the technician up to use their knowledge and experience to provide superior pest control and customer service to their client. Using iQ products will result in a more fulfilling career for all pest management and food safety professionals, and companies that choose to make servicing accounts easier and more fulfilling will be able to keep and recruit talented technicians much more easily than others.

4. How does using iQ products solve the ability to continue growth while in a tight labor market?

The efficiency provided by the iQ trapping products and the rodent knowledge gathered by the iQ bait stations allow for pursuit of several business models to enable growth. Pest management and food safety professionals can choose to use the time saved to ask all their current technicians to cover more accounts per day, enabling revenue growth without having to hire new technicians. The verified rodent knowledge generated by the bait stations will allow technicians to provide superior rodent control and result in a loyal customer base with less callbacks and less customer attrition. As a result, customer acquisition costs will drop and revenue will continue to grow.

5. What solutions do iQ products provide to protect employee health and safety, thereby reducing injuries and insurance costs?

Effective rodent trap placement involves setting both snap traps and multiple catch devices where rodents travel. This is often in areas that involve employees using ladders, climbing behind heavy machinery and frequently bending over in back-breaking fashion to visually inspect these traps. Using iQ products enables technicians to verify these traps do not have any activity from a safe distance of 50-100 feet. Keeping your employees safe and healthy will result in lowering insurance costs and a happier, more loyal staff.