5 Questions with Mona Latif

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Rentokil Steritech launched its PestConnect Portfolio in February. This innovative product range includes first-of-its-kind connected rodent monitoring products. The company’s Director of Product and Innovation, Mona Latif, discusses how this technology benefits quality-focused organizations.

October 4, 2019

1 What is digital rodent monitoring?

Technology is revolutionizing how we interact with the world. Connected devices (think about Ring doorbells or Nest thermostats) are adding convenience, efficiency, and cost savings to our lives. Digital rodent monitoring brings this technology to pest control, changing how companies can respond to and track rodent activity.

2 How does digital monitoring change traditional rodent programs?

These Internet-connected devices can issue alerts 24/7, enabling pest management providers to offer more responsive service and take action at the first hint of activity. Pest management providers like Rentokil Steritech, the first to introduce digital monitoring, also are adding artificial intelligence (AI) features to devices to provide more accuracy and efficiency.

3 Where can digital rodent monitoring be used?

Digital rodent monitoring works on the interior and exterior. The PestConnect Portfolio includes two proprietary devices — the Multi-Rodent Trap Connect for the interior and Dual Autogate Connect for the exterior. Dual Autogate offers security features for safety conscious and environmentally responsible organizations. The device recognizes targeted rodent species, keeping non-target animals from entering. Only after the sensors have been triggered in a specific way does it allow entry, then traps rodents inside.

4 Does digital rodent monitoring offer advantages for audited facilities?

Not only does digital rodent monitoring comply with current major auditing body and regulatory standards, it is also an ideal complement to high-dependency facilities or those under strict audit standards and regulatory mandates. It provides a real-time, 360° view of risk at any given moment, allowing facilities to adjust and create truly risk-based programs. When connected devices are networked to an online data management platform, such as Rentokil Steritech’s PestNetOnline, activity and service actions are recorded, making them available immediately for documentation and reporting. For quality assurance professionals, that’s a powerful tool to have.

5 What’s coming next in digital pest control?

The evolution in pest management technology is advancing quickly. We are only limited by our imagination. Since Rentokil Steritech first introduced the PestConnect Portfolio, we’ve been testing other devices. You can expect to see more connected devices coming from us in the future. It’s an exciting time to be an organization focused on quality. Pest management transparency has never been more important or achievable. To stay up to date on the PestConnect portfolio, visit https://www.rentokil-steritech.com/pestconnect.