5 Questions with Mike Dougherty, Perfex Corporation

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October 13, 2020

With the increased awareness of sanitation practices, it’s unmistakable that cleaning is the most important task and first line of defense at any food manufacturing facility. What separates Perfex from other cleaning tool suppliers? Herein Mike Dougherty, Marketing Director of Perfex Corporation, explains the unique features of Perfex cleaning tools to improve any food safety sanitation program.

1 What cleaning tools does Perfex supply?

We supply brooms, brushes, squeegees, and material handling tools that are built to exceed the hygienic concerns of today’s food manufacturing facilities. With over 95 years of experience, Perfex Corporation is the longest standing manufacturer of industry-specific cleaning tools.

2 What product features does Perfex offer that others do not?

Our food-safe broom and brush product line stands above the rest with its heat-fused fiber assembly. The fusing process eliminates premature fiber fallout and reduces areas for contaminants to collect. Heat-fused brush fiber also eliminates the use of metal staples that nearly all other brush manufacturers utilize to secure bristles.

3 What product advancements have been made?

At Perfex, we’re always looking for ways to improve the essential cleaning tools you rely on every day. Recent modernization of our manufacturing process includes advanced machinery that will produce even stronger and more reliable brushes. We also expanded our product line to include 8 colors of each broom and brush.

4 Has the restricted supply of raw materials effected Perfex?

Luckily no, plans to grow and expand our product line were in place before many of the current pandemic-related supply chain disruptions transpired. Our wheels were already in motion and we’re now positioned to supply the new era of essential business with large quantities of cleaning tools in a timely fashion.

5 How can I purchase Perfex cleaning tools?

Beside our devotion to high-quality products we strive for simplicity in customer relations. We recently launched a new e-commerce store — PERFEX.COM, where it’s now easier than ever to shop our products, create an account, and get a quote online.