449 Foods Launches Vegan, Ketogenic Coffee to Support Economic Growth in Developing Countries

449 Foods Launches Vegan, Ketogenic Coffee to Support Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Founded by a Purdue University student duo, House of Peace Coffee is sourced from small farming communities in Tanzania and returns profits to them.

April 18, 2018

Indiana-based health food company 449 Foods has launched its vegan, dairy-free, all-natural ketogenic, instant coffee – House of Peace Coffee – on Kickstarter with a mission to support economic growth of communities in developing countries.

Made from beans sourced from the mountains of Tanzania, House of Peace Coffee contains a blend of coconut milk, MCT oil, acacia fiber, and cacao butter to create a creamy coconut latte flavor, the company said. The all-natural drink is plant-based, dairy-free, and low carb, and contains no added sugar, making it a perfect fit for a ketogenic low-carb diet.

Company founders and Purdue University students Christopher “C.T.” Jones and Venecia Wilson launched 449 Foods after spending two weeks in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, teaching pharmaceutical manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

During their time there, they discovered the economic hardship local coffee farmers face and learned that coffee used to be a mainstay of the region’s economy. Because large coffee companies forced down the price of beans devastating the local farming economies, Wilson said, “We saw first-hand the devastating impact large coffee corporations have had on the small farming villages we visited in Tanzania – on people who rely on the sale of coffee beans to look after their families and communities.”

Thus, he added, “By sourcing directly from farmers in the hills of Tanzania, our goal is to boost the economy of Tanzanian communities and improve the quality of life for villagers.”

Behind the company’s cause is premium quality coffee and a first-of-its-kind product, Jones said, explaining, “The high elevation of the farms and volcanic soil in which the plants grow gives the beans a unique rich, bold and earthy taste. As soon as we tasted coffee brewed from the beans, we knew we were onto something that coffee drinkers around the world would love.

“Being proponents of the ketogenic diet and knowing the struggle finding healthy, sugar and dairy free drink options led us to create House of Peace Coffee, helping us support Tanzanian farmers and provide an affordable, convenient and healthy natural drink,” he said.


The beans used in House of Peace Coffee are grown in the Dar es Salaam region of Tanzania which translates to “House of Peace” and gives the product its name. Farmers use traditional methods to grow and cultivate crops and the high elevation of farms provides optimal nutrient absorption to beans.

One dollar from each sale of 449 Foods products is pledged back to the communities from which ingredients are sourced, and goes toward education, health, and wellness initiatives.

The House of Peace Coffee will be sponsoring Brighter Tanzania Fund, a non-profit located in Tanzania that focuses on providing education to impoverished children who would otherwise likely not have access to education. In addition, the organization provides support to local businesses to help bolster the local economy, thereby providing an economic climate in which students can succeed upon completing their studies.

In the future, the company plans to expand into other food categories, offering healthy food alternatives that will also support local and international non-profits and communities in developing countries.

The House of Peace Coffee Kickstarter campaign is live and has a fundraising target of $5,000 for an initial bulk production run, packaging, and mass distribution. Purchases made on Kickstarter come with an exclusive 15% discount. To purchase the coffee or get more information, visit the House of Peace Kickstarter Campaign or H.O.P. Coffee Kickstarter.