10 Years of FDA's FSMA

The Food Safety Modernization Act, which was enacted in early 2011, transformed food safety into something that looks ahead instead of behind.

April 13, 2021

As FDA deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine when FSMA was passed, Michael Taylor was responsible for directing its rulemaking and implementation.
With its existing HACCP plan, Sabra was well prepared for FSMA’s Preventive Controls rule. Others weren’t so fortunate.
Nestlé Purina discusses the impacts of FSMA’s animal foods rule on the pet foods sector.
FSMA’s breadth includes making sure the way goods are shipped throughout the U.S. are safe as well.
FSVP and VQIP focus on foreign production of food intended for consumption in the U.S.
FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule is still largely a work in progress, but aside from providing guidance, it can help bring the food industry closer together.
FSMA’s food defense or intentional adulteration rule is meant to protect the nation’s food supply from someone on the inside looking to do harm on a massive scale.