Handtmann Introduces Vacuum Filler with 3-A Certificate Authorization

Handtmann Introduces Vacuum Filler with 3-A Certificate Authorization

Filler series was developed for the dairy industry.

February 8, 2018
QA Staff

Lake Forest, Ill.-based Handtmann has introduced a new VF 800 D vacuum filler series for dairy processing which have received 3-A Certificate Authorization #3615 for conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standards #2306 (Equipment for Packaging Viscous Products).

The global unveiling of the VF 800 D vacuum filler will occur at International Cheese Tech Expo in April. The purpose-built line of dairy vacuum fillers represents a new, long-term global focus on the dairy industry by Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG Handtmann and “was made possible by a significant research and development commitment from our parent company,” said Tom Kittle, president of the Handtmann US and Canadian operations.

Numerous technological advancements and design innovations allow the VF 800 D to meet the rigorous 3-A sanitation standards, he said. “We are proud that the VF 800 D so aggressively supports the next-generation levels of hygienic processing while also delivering the reliably precise portioning that has been a generational hallmark for Handtmann.”

The VF 800 D has been designed with high levels of operational scalability and production flexibility so processors can increase their throughput as needed and more efficiently meet the ever-growing consumer demand for new products without purchasing additional vacuum fillers.

The VF 800-D series is built on Handtmann’s advanced VF 800 platform that was honored at the most recent IFFA show with the Meat Technology Award and the Fleischer-Handwerk Award by the Meat Technology and Fleischer-Handwerk trade journals for an innovative advancement that is “… creating a long-term advantage for the production processes of meat.” Specifically, the jury noted that VF 800 vacuum fillers offer “industrial and small-scale customers diverse added value with respect to capacity, productivity, service life, handling, flexibility, running and energy costs, as well as safety and hygiene.”

“Adding the authorization for conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standards #2306, the viscous products standard, to such a proven and award-winning vacuum filling platform really does represent another quantum production advancement that our Handtmann team is proud to offer the dairy industry,” Kittle said.

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