Food Northwest Launches New Scholarship Program

Food Northwest Launches New Scholarship Program

Organization seeks talent for the food industry.

January 9, 2018
QA Staff
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Food Northwest announces a new scholarship program launch as a part of its Education Research Institute (ERI), a subsidiary of Food Northwest. The ERI mission is to educate, recruit, and collaborate to attract talent to the Food Industry. With a variety of career options and opportunities to work for one of many highly successful, well-known companies, the food industry is constantly seeking more talented individuals to enter the field.

To help students achieve the proper education for the field this 2018-2019 school year, Food Northwest is offering nine scholarships, three of which will go to students at Washington State University, Oregon State University, and the University of Idaho; the remaining six will be awarded to students from other institutions. The purpose of the scholarships is to further the education and training of deserving students in a relevant field of study, while also solving the industry-wide problem of finding skilled employees. This program is also designed to encourage these students to be ambassadors to their communities in promotion of the food industry.
In previous years, the scholarship program was available only to the three land grant universities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, but as of this year it is open to all schools in the surrounding areas, including community colleges and technical and vocational institutes. The ERI encourages current employees of food processing companies and their family members to apply for the scholarships.
“This an excellent opportunity for students from various backgrounds to learn more and pursue careers in the food industry, and to do so without the financial burden,” said ERI Chair Sue Root.
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