American-Made Hydrox Sets New Trend in Clean Label Foods

American-Made Hydrox Sets New Trend in Clean Label Foods

New clean label formula increases company’s cookie sales.

January 9, 2018
QA Staff
Food Quality

Leaf Brands, maker of Hydrox Cookies, the "original sandwich cookie," continues to gain market share throughout the U.S. as more consumers, foodservice providers, and commercial customers demand cleaner ingredients and choose Hydrox new non-GMO/clean label formula.

As the major movement toward higher-quality foods continue to grow within all aspects of the food industry, Leaf Brands finds itself in an ideal situation. "Many of the largest ice cream manufacturers, bakeries, and candy makers in the U.S. have approached us to replace their current cookie with our non-GMO, 'clean label' Hydrox, and we see this as a growing trend in the market," said Vice President of Sales Garvey Daniels. "Our focus is on making a superior cookie and it's paying off. Next up in the pipeline are mini Hydrox cookies which we expect to hit stores in 2018.”

Consumer-packaged Hydrox sales increased by 40% in 2017, and Leaf started selling its non-GMO product on Amazon in December, where it quickly became the top new sandwich cookie on the site and was designated as an Amazon Choice product two days after the listing went live. "We were simply shocked when we made #1 in such a short period and even more excited we were chosen as one of their best products,” said Leaf Brand CEO Ellia Kassoff. “According to the site, we made the top spots on pre-sales and product searches. We set out to make a clear distinction between Hydrox and the other cookies on the market by moving to a 'clean label' formula in the highly competitive space and we're thrilled to see the product take off like it has."
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