AIB Updates Software, Hosts Facebook LIVE Event

AIB Updates Software, Hosts Facebook LIVE Event

AIB International recently launched a Nutrified Labels update and hosted its first Facebook LIVE event to help industry with changes to FDA’s Nutrition Facts Label requirements.

March 7, 2017
Food Safety

MANHATTAN, Kan. — International recently launched a Nutrified Labels update and will host their first Facebook LIVE event to help the food industry with changes to FDA’s Nutrition Facts Label requirements.
Extensive updates have been made to AIB’s Nutrified Labels database to ensure all of the values generated by the program align with FDA’s new label regulations. Designed for food companies in the US and Canada, Nutrified Labels ensures regulatory compliance with print-ready nutrition facts graphics. The software system helps AIB’s labeling experts quickly calculate and verify the nutrition information for clients’ products and efficiently compile a compliant ingredient listing for placing into a label.

“With Nutrified Labels, our clients can be completely confident that the information they receive from AIB is regulatory compliant,” said Elaine Meloan, Manager of AIB’s Food Labeling Services. “Our team of experienced labeling professionals has been trained on the new requirements and are able to critically analyze the database information supplied by ingredient manufacturers to ensure that the final label information is correct. We walk clients through the process, from the initial submission of information to the final placement of the graphic on the package label.”

On the heels of launching updates to their webinar and seminar offerings, AIB recently hosted its first Facebook LIVE event to answer clients’ most pressing questions related to the changing regulations. FDA’s changes to the nutrition panel, the first in almost 20 years, focus on several key areas. Although it will still have an iconic look, the appearance of the label will change dramatically.

Design Changes

Calories – font size for calories will be larger
-Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium – manufacturers must now declare the actual quantitative amount of these nutrients in addition to the Daily Value percentage
-Serving Size - increased emphasis on the serving size by use of a larger and bolder font

Nutrition Changes
-Added Sugars – will be included in the nutrition panel and declared in grams and as a %DV on the label
Vitamins A&C - will no longer be mandatory but can be voluntarily be listed. Vitamin D and Potassium will replace Vitamins A&C in the panel
-Fat – “Calories from Fat” will no longer be required and will not be permitted in the nutrition panel
-Dietary Fiber – FDA has chosen to define dietary fiber and most isolated or synthetic fibers have to be approved by FDA before counting these ingredients as dietary fiber
-%DV – The Daily Reference Value (DRV) and Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for most nutrients will change, which affects the value reported for the percent daily value

Serving Size and Packaging Changes
-Serving sizes – will more accurately reflect the amount of food people are actually consuming. Since the last change in 1993, most serving sizes have increased, however, a few have actually decreased.
-Dual Column – for certain products that could be considered more than a single serving, but could be consumed in a single sitting or multiple sittings, a dual column nutrition format will need to be used to inform consumers of per serving and per package/per unit calories and nutrients

The first deadline for the new nutrition label compliance is July 26, 2018, but many companies have started making their label updates now. Changing requirements will significantly impact US food and beverage manufacturers, as well as global companies that export to the US. AIB International has delivered labeling services for more than 23 years providing the most up-to-date answers, expertise, and services to the food industry.